COVID-19: Clinical Trials 101 Training

This activity is presented by Safer Care Texas for Community Health Workers.

Many racial and ethnic minority groups are being unequally affected by COVID-19. The term “racial and ethnic minority groups” includes people of color. They have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. But, some experiences are common to many people within these groups.

Inequality in the social determinants of health, such as poverty and lack of healthcare access, work together, and limit health and quality-of-life. This is true with Covid-19 outcomes and risks. To achieve health equity, barriers must be removed to testing, clinical trials, and vaccines. This 2.5 state certified credit hours training discusses the potential health impacts of COVID-19 involving racial disparities. Overall, COVID-19 recovery efforts will need to address inequities including decisions related to vaccine trials, treatments and vaccines once they are available. This training imparts the knowledge and skills needed for CHWs to play a key role in bridging gaps in COVID-19 recovery efforts.


Upon completion of this activity, learners will be able to:





    This activity is State Certified for 2.5 credits for community health workers.


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